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Hi my name is Leyla Aliyeva. I'm 18, bisexual and an absolute drama queen. I do not own anything (photos, videos etc) I post except the ones I indicate. I don't own the cover gif either :)

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Neil Flynn makes a Scrubs reference on Surviving Jack!!



One time during my freshmen year of college I forgot to do a history paper that was worth 20% of my grade and the teacher didn’t accept late work, so I waited until the professor handed back the papers and angrily asked where mine was. The teacher felt so bad for losing it he let me re-do the entire paper and gave me an A-

You fucking champ

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Dan and Phil - Holiday Tweets

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ouat meme;

[3/10] characters  regina mills

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When you try to think of a word and can only remember it in another language.

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0 to 100 real quick

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I have literally been waiting for this gifset for all time

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where is the lie


where is the lie

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